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PM Review

Powder Metallurgy Review: This issue's editorial

Optimism for growth in the Powder Metallurgy industry

The global automotive industry is expected to generate 85 million unit sales in 2014, a 4% increase on last year. There are predictions that by 2018 this total will have topped 100 million units. This is good news for the Powder Metallurgy industry and offers reason for much optimism for those who supply the automotive sector. However, the PM industry cannot rely solely on volume increases in the automotive sector for growth in business. New PM applications and the conversion of components produced by competing processes to PM also offers considerable growth potential.

One such opportunity lies in applying the benefits of PM technology to the production of automotive transmission gears. A detailed report in this issue of Powder Metallurgy Review highlights the current status of PM automotive transmission gear design and outlines what is required to succeed in this potentially very lucrative sector (page 45).

Also of great potential for the PM industry is the development of sintered thermoelectric alloys for energy harvesting applications. These alloys can, for example, help power automotive electrical systems and improve fuel efficiency. We take a look at some of the ongoing developments using PM technology to produce a new generation of sintered thermoelectric alloys (page 55).

To further improve efficiency in the PM process the correct design and optimisation of tooling is a major factor. We present in a special report the various ways in which PM companies can optimise this process and minimise the risk of failures (page 33).

Paul Whittaker
Editor, Powder Metallurgy Review

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