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Powder Metallurgy Review: This issue's editorial

Opportunities in the Additive Manufacturing revolution

It is impossible to escape the intense interest in Additive Manufacturing (AM), whether from the mainstream media or key end-user industries such as the aerospace and medical sectors. What is certain, however, is that whether you see Additive Manufacturing as a threat to conventional metal powder technologies or as an opportunity, Additive Manufacturing is here to stay. Our review of metal Additive Manufacturing processes and applications (page 41) offers an insight into the development of the technology to-date. Case studies illustrate just how revolutionary the freedom to “design for function” rather than “design for manufacture” will be on component development in the future.  

From an end-user perspective, Additive Manufacturing is particularly attractive for the processing of advanced materials such as titanium, where conventional processes can be prohibitively expensive. This is of course music to the ears of titanium powder suppliers who finally are presented with a dynamic market for their products, a contrast to the relatively slow growth in conventional titanium PM and MIM. Our review of the second International Titanium Powder Processing, Consolidation and Metallurgy Conference, which took place in New Zealand, December 2-4 2013, includes the developments in both titanium PM and AM processing (page 53).

In this issue we also publish an extensive review of non-ferrous powder production technologies, including copper, aluminium, titanium and nickel powders (page 65).

With the PM2014 World Congress, Orlando, May 18–22, almost upon us, we warmly welcome our readers to visit us on booth 222. We look forward to seeing you in Florida!

Paul Whittaker
Editor, Powder Metallurgy Review

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